8 Reasons To Travel On Your Birthday

If you are thinking of the best things to do on your birthday, traveling to somewhere new for your special day is a great option. You could go as grand as saving up and flying to another continent, or even just a two-hour drive away from your city will do. To convince you to start a journeying tradition on your special day, here are 8 reasons why you should travel on your birthday:

1. Use the day to commemorate the time when everything was new to you.

Photo by Zuhair Ahmad

When you were born, the heavens opened up (and so did your mom’s special ‘door’) to welcome you to a world full of firsts. You got your first sense of light; your first breath of air. Your skin tingled with all these new sensations and you were finally able to hear your mother’s voice without sticky fluid lodged up your ears. If you could have spoken at the time, you probably would have cussed for the very first time as you tried to squeeze out the ‘door’ and the doctor chopped off the umbilical cord. All that was X years ago. As a tribute, traveling to some place new will give your senses a refreshing variation from your weekly routine.

2. Birthdays are the perfect excuse to go traveling.

Most of you probably have a full-time job and filing for vacation leave can be a tricky feat. But since you know your birthday all too well, you can plan it in advance and your boss will find it hard to refuse granting time off from work. Just make sure you ask nicely with sugar on top. Maybe you’re in school and just too burnt out with studying? Take this opportunity for a guilt-free break. BONUS: Since you usually have to plan in advance and you’ll likely bring close people with you, you’ll save yourself the heartache of having them forget your birthday.

3. This is your opportunity to escape the crowds.


In some cultures, including the Philippines, people will expect you to foot the celebration bills instead of everybody paying for you on your birthday. We call it the birthday blowout! A sneaky way out of this would be to travel somewhere as far as possible! You can also use this as a chance to discover ‘true friend’ potential for your buds who are willing to be dragged along with you and your travel plans. Isn’t it better to spend your day with the ones closest to you?

4. Anything you say goes.

Birthdays —  It’s that one time of the year that you get to decide where to eat, what activities to do and act like a total brat without anybody holding it against you. Everybody knows that. It’s The Birthday Bitch Rule. It’s a thing!

5. You are eligible for perks, discounts and freebies in some establishments on your birthday.

Birthday Freebies

In relation to #4, you can maximize your good fortunes on the day of your birthday because businesses are often gracious to birthday celebrants. I’ve once scored a free zip-line ride on a trip in the Philippines because it was my birthday. And it never hurts to ask if there are any birthday privileges in your activities. Is flying first-class on a flight part of your bucket list? You have a greater chance to have your seats upgraded if you tell your airlines it’s your birthday at the check-in counter. Go ahead, tell everyone it’s your birthday! Here are some of actual benefits from travel companies:

6. You’ll feel less sorry that you’re older.

Photo byAriel H.

Photo by Ariel H.

If you are someone who has absolutely no resentment (even a tiny little bit) about getting older, well congratulations to you! You’re either an awkward teenager or a fat liar! For the rest of us normal beings, while being grateful for another year on earth, we can get a little depressed about a silly new number. Doing something completely new in a different setting can actually distract you from the fact that you are a year nearer to your demise. Yikes. It will also remind you that at any age, you’ll never run out of new kinds experiences.

7. You deserve to spoil yourself.


When you were young, your parents would spoil you with a birthday party, cake, and new toys. Everything was awesome and then it all stopped. Now that you’ve matured (hopefully), that responsibility of spoiling yourself lies on li’l old reliable you! If you think about it, surviving a whole year is actually a great accomplishment. Each year about 60 million people die and there are a million deadly situations you’ve dodged the whole year. But you made it! So reward yourself and celebrate. It may be quite morbid to think about, but you never know if this is your last.

8. Astrology says so.

Photo by Ben K. Adams

Photo by Ben K. Adams

Letting loose to travel on your birthday actually has a basis: the cosmos. According to astrology, traveling on your birthday (and on your half-birthday six months later) makes it possible to increase your luck for the coming months. It all has to do with your solar return, on account of the sun returning to the exact same degree it had with earth as when you were born. It’s all explained in Bob Mark’s book “How to Get More Love, Money and Success by Traveling on Your Birthday”.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, it’s reassuring to know that a guy has actually written a whole book advocating for your birthday escapade.

Timing isn’t always the best when it comes to travel plans and our birthdays, but as a rule of thumb, you can always celebrate your birthday a couple of days before or after the actual date. What’s important is that you allot some time to celebrate it. Now if you are a full-time traveler who have been traveling to new places year-round, why not try something different on your birthday? Like go home!

Have a loved one whose birthday is coming up? Share this to him or her as an early gift of travel inspiration. This is my travel challenge to everyone to travel somewhere new on your next birthday.

What was your favorite birthday trip? Where are you planning to spend your next birthday?


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  • Dan

    Way to go Audrey! Nice article! Can’t wait to have more travel even though it’s not my birthday. Haha! Well at least now I have 8 more excuses to travel on my special day! 😀

    • audreynalinerush

      Thanks Dan! Don’t forget to invite me! LOL! You can count your Vigan trip as your post-birthday trip.

  • Marlo

    for number 6, I am definitely guilty of that hahahahah! It true that as we get older we get nearer to our demise. BUT YOLO people 😉 !! As long as we d not regret anything and live everyday as if it was our last (this one is really tough), I like to also believe getting older = more wisdom too (just trying to distract myself from number 6, haha) :)).

    Will definitely try to consider this, interesting read about the astrology, and getting a free arifare? Got get that one haha!

    • audreynalinerush

      I don’t know about the free airfare promo yet! Haha! If you find one, make sure to update me!

      • Marlo

        sure 🙂

  • Agree with everything written above. for the last 5years, I always go to Cebu-Leyte. Parang panata lang 🙂

    ps: Ayos!! <3 Ganda ng website mo!

    • audreynalinerush

      Birthday travel tradition! Usually I go somewhere a few hours drive away from Manila. But my birthday sucks because it’s on valentines day and good hotels are always fully booked, haha! Thanks boss wander shugah!!!

  • Reymart Maneclang Canuel

    Great tips! I might probably do this on my coming birthday or a day before or after. Keep on posting!

    • audreynalinerush

      Canu! Thanks for dropping by! Yes… Although you’ve been everywhere. 🙂

      • Reymart Maneclang Canuel

        Yo Audrey! I’m not! There are places I still want and need to go to. 🙂 But I know I’ll be there soonest. You have a great site by the way! Keep it up!

  • Xel Odranreb
  • I suffer from a serious case of wanderlust, so i definitely think traveling is always a good idea, whenever *LOL*. What a fun list you made, though! I would definitely plan a holiday trip for reason number 8 alone *LOL*

    • audreynalinerush

      So you are into astrology, I presume. Maybe you’d like to check out the book! 🙂

  • Diary ni Gracia

    For the past years I celebrate my birthday just like any other ordinary day and reading this post made me realized that I’m really missing something. Great tips you got here. Promise to do at least one of those for my this year special day. Thanks! x

    • audreynalinerush

      Promise? I’m pretty sure there are a lot of exciting places to see in the middle east!

  • Justin

    Just recently travelled to baguio for my birthday. (Best trip ever — so far) Happy to say that i was able to apply most of the reasons you mentioned on this article to my trip. Just wasn’t able to exercise number 4 and 5, which i regret badly now that i think of it. Haha!
    Will definitely make sure not to make the same mistakes again next year.

    Keep the blogs coming Audrey!