2017 is the Year You Finally Start Your Travel Blog

You have been daydreaming about being a travel blogger for quite a while now but procrastination and other shit happens. Maybe you’ve attempted to blog months or years ago, but perfectionism and a mountain of backlogs have sent your masterpiece into hiatus. Stop the regrets and shed your green-eye monster persona whenever you come across a travel writer fulfilling his destiny. This year, 2017, is the year you finally push through with your amazing travel blog.

We all have our personal motivations why travel blogging has interested us. Let me impart to you 4 possibly-unobvious reasons why 2017 is the year to (re)start your dream.

1. Certain travel subject and topics become irrelevant overtime. The best time to have started your blog was in the past. The second best time is now. Say you wanted to create a travel guide based on a trip you made. That click-bait-y title “How I Spent 3 Days in Bali with only 50 dollars” may not be relevant if you’ve made the trip 4 years ago. Inflation happens, roads and routes change and attractions close down. Found an amazing ‘secret’ spot in a certain destination you want to share? If you don’t write about it now, your exposition might not be as interesting as it is given that the place might be crawling with tourists already. Have a call to action about a negative tourism impact observation? The more you postpone writing about it, the more opportunity you lose in possible damage-control.

2. The skills you can sharpen now are valuable. Blogging seems like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Forcing yourself to vomit words and all that editing for grammar and photos; The time management, careful research and social media strategies to promote your blog; While being unpaid to write might seem like a futile task, working on your blog is valuable practice to improve your writing, management skills and other publishing-related abilities.3. Make more use of your carbon footprint. You took a bus. Or a ferry. It’s likely you took a fight for one of those trips you are itching to write about. The planet has to pay dearly for your COemissions just so you can have a little bit of fun. Why don’t you contribute something significant back to humankind by writing something of benefit to others?

4. You might die in 2018. That escalated quickly, I know. But hey, there really is no guarantee of how long our stay on earth is. There’s a possibility that life is short. If not death, maybe you lose the ability to write or you acquire amnesia or the zombie apocalypse commences. Who knows? You might miss your chance to write your gratitude piece about that kind local who helped you when you missed your train to Italy. That cute unique photo you took of an elderly couple holding hands might never be seen in the light of tablet screens. “There is no greater agony than an untold story inside of you.” I’m sure being skinned alive or having your fingers cut off one by one is possibly heaps more painful, but there is wisdom in this quote from Maya Angelou.

For your other motivations, I suggest you write down them down in a clear list of what you will gain if you start your passion project and what you will lose if you don’t kick yourself to just do it. Do you want to eventually quit your job to travel blog professionally? Are you an introvert with amazing travel stories but you don’t have the energy to tell each of friends about them one by one? Maybe honestly, you just want to brag about your cool holidays to your peers in an interesting medium. Whatever the reasons are, these can turn to fuel once you’re clear and reminded of them.

But what is it about 2017 that makes it different from all the other years you’ve failed to push through? That, you must observe for yourself. Last year, the slacking off on your goal was likely rooted in either lack of prioritization or perfectionism.

Did you ever put your writing tasks on your task planners? Or did you set a weekly time slot dedicated to writing? It’s likely you will always be busy, no matter what. It’s all about time and self management. If your travel blog is really important to you, writing down your blogging purposes is important.

You could be a creative visionary, knowing exactly how you want the final output of your blog to be. You want it perfect, with the best design and a well-organized content plan. The bad news is, the reality of your output could just be a fraction of the quality of your amazing vision — at least at the start. Orchestrating every detail and being way ahead of yourself may even paralyze you from moving forward. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s better to start bad than to never start at all. Just take my blog, for example!

I am really one to talk, aren’t I? I am not even a full-fledged travel blogger. The plot twist revealed: this article is more for me than anyone else. It’s been two years since I’ve been trying to make “Audreynaline Rush” happen. If you are still reading up to this point, yes, I am one of you! And this is really our year to finally start damn blogging!

So let’s be blogging buddies! The easiest way to start is by doing something small a little bit time. It could be something small, but it’s all about gaining momentum. So here is a challenge: Right now, at this very moment, write at least 50 words of that travel article you want to blog about. Just 50 words. Use the comment section below to seal your commitment to this year’s goal. As incentive, I will check up on you every month of this year as your accountability system. You also gain me as your reader.

Very simple. First 50 words. Go!

(PS. Offer valid for 2017 only. 😀 )

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About Audreynaline Rush

You made it to the end of my post! Hooray! So here's my bio: My name is Audrey and I am a mathematician, sports analyst, radio show host, amateur skin-diver, and entrepreneur-wannabe. But I am just a real human being who wants to travel and get better at life. You can help me achieve this starting with giving a feedback in the comments down below. I will cherish every word you say (unless you're being a plain meany).
  • Musa Lu

    Back in 2015 I visited Boracay and it was my first time in the Philippines as well, the trip that leave me false impression about Philippines , where Boracay’s all about super clean white-sand beach and somehow preserved marine life. However, my revisit Manila, the real Philippines , at end of 2016 is kinda wiping out my presumption of the country where street smells like pusa litter and incredible noisy mad drivers. To me, the more country i visited the more I appreciate my own nation, meanwhile I see the degree of “freedom”(or lack of regulation) is much more than TW, allows Philippine be a more start-up friendly environment, e.g. PH is already teeming with menstrual cup competitors on the mkt where the only local brand in TW still struggling with the regulation and daunting documents as a qualified medical instrument. I met a Israeli in Manila, the founder of a Bicoin-facilitated money transfer service for expats outside of PH with instantaneous transfer and very low cost, such a innovation simply don’t exist in TW due to unnecessary financial regulations. There is a fine balance between well-regulated and overly constrained policies, in this case , TW is craving for innovation but still stumbled upon its own steps.