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Hi. My name is Audrey (NOT Audreynaline). I am a clueless Filipino millennial who named this site after my experiences of adrenaline rush. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, adrenaline rush refers to a sudden burst of energy or intense feeling, sometimes giving a person somewhat superhuman abilities. This rush happens in response to exciting, stressful, or dangerous events – situations I usually find myself in. (But I’ve never gotten that superhuman bit… Fine, maybe once.)

Okay kids, now this adrenaline rush is triggered by the fight-or-flight response, where the ‘rushee’ would decide whether to face the challenges head on or just flee to save dear life. I’d say for the most part of my life, I’ve chosen to do the latter, which is such a shame. I grew up day-dreaming about big goals and aspirations, but never really exerting any effort to achieve any of them nor did I took anything seriously. As a result, I was surprisingly able to survive into adulthood with very few life skills, codependency, almost non-existent bankable qualifications, and still learning [too many] things I ought to know by now. And I have no idea why I am introducing myself to you as such a lame person right now. Please DON’T send this page to my future prospect employers.


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To make up for being lame, I am dedicating this blog as my laboratory to prove that there is actually hope for seemingly talentless people like me to improve and to catch up with being the person I had to and wanted to be through the desires of travel. Findings have actually shown a bit of progress. According to my records, the transition from 2012 to 2013 was my lowest of lows (so far) when I felt like the world was against me, I was failing at everything I aimed for and I felt like I was worth crap. Sounds familiar? These can happen to the best of us. But right after that dark time, a series of fortunate events ensued and I was even able to travel to 7 countries across 3 continents within just one year, mostly for free. I was only able to travel outside the Philippines once with my family when I was a little kid so this was such a turnaround and a very big deal to me. I was getting prizes and scholarships so it dawned on me that there was some juice in me after all. Eww.


I realized that traveling has changed a lot about me. Or maybe it didn’t. It just brought out the things I had in me that never had the chance to emerge. Like severe acne which is ripe for the picking; travel as the probing fingers. The fights and flight of a self-improving traveler refers to the adventures that goes on in actual experiences or just in our heads. The fights refer to goals and challenges, while the flights refer to travels (or actual flights, which I thought was pretty clever of me). I have discovered that almost everything I want to develop intrapersonally can be tied up with travel. How? Well, you’d have to read ALL of my posts to understand. Make sure you are up to date with my foibles by subscribing to my social media below.

This is me with fresh leg wounds in Basco, Batanes. Yes, I am also clumsy.

This site includes personal thoughts and experiences that often reflect my faults and mistakes. I have so kindly sacrificed my perfect and spotless image that I have protected for centuries in hopes that I might make some helpless lass and lad feel a little less bummed about themselves and a little more pumped about seeing the world and being awesome. So in return for my graciousness, I only ask from my dear readers to be nice to me because I am a precious and delicate creature. And also like, comment, share, retweet, reblog and subscribe to everything I post. Just those teensy favors.

  • Marlo

    Hey Audrey, nice song this actually one of my favorite songs. I can the Bruce Almighty movie here :). This is an interesting start and really hope to read more of your FIGHT and FLIGHT blogs. Looking forward for more interesting stuffs :).

    • audreynalinerush

      You can remember the bruce almighty movie? Thanks @disqus_FoBn8hT1Ha:disqus! And thanks for the 1st comment ever on my blog! :3

  • rickyso

    Hi Audrey! I’ve been following your adventures and misadventures for quite a few years now (freaky!!!) and I must say you’re one of a heck a crazy wanderlust! Given a chance I will date this adventurous woman! Keep it up! You’re very inspiring and promising! 🙂

    • audreynalinerush

      Hahaha! Thanks ‘vladimir’! There are so many misadventures I have yet to write! Hope you keep updated for that!

      • rickyso

        Yikes! You still remember that name? That’s really embarrassing! Oh high school days. Anyway impressive memory huh! I do hope I’m not your first admirer. Haha. And wow it just dawned on me that you were already clumsy back in high school. I will never forget that moment when you’re playing with your classmates and suddenly you slipped and fell on the ground and hola you got a spectacular scratch on your face! For sure it was painful but you were tough and that’s admirable. Anyway I’m fan here! Keep it coming Budang! 😉

  • Adrian Santoalla

    Audreynalinerush is refreshingly delightful and honest! It takes her readers to a vibrant adventures of someone who has incredible passion for travelling. Adrenaline rush best describes my feeling while witnessing this testimony of life changing and euphoric taste of adventure.

    I think your circumstances mold you to become a great traveller and storyteller. You inspire us with your original and bold stories. I also love how your words bristle with energy and humility.

    Well I find your blog simply inspiring! I love how you conquer several countries and continents in a single year. (i still read it cause it reminds me of my travel goals.)

    It is good to see that at last all those amazing and even extreme adventures has finally found there way out of your intricately woven mind!

    Thanks for sharing all these!


    • audreynalinerush

      Thanks adrian! And I like the fact that I’ve pushed you to exercise your writing skills by commenting on my posts! Hahaha! Let’s write some more! 🙂